The use of the guidelines provided by ÖNORM A 7700 has the following benefits:

Microsoft Austria launches the Digital Austria Explorer with A7700 Certification (June 2010):

Security has always had a high priority for Microsoft. Therefore, it was important for us to have the new Digital Austria Explorer certified based on the ÖNORM A 7700. The ÖNORM A 7700, as an internationally recognized standard, was a correct and important step that ensures a clear level of security for web applications and services. A 7700 clearly and accurately describes, independent of technology, the security requirements of web applications and is thus not only recommended for new products, but also allows the current security level of existing applications to be clearly demonstrated and, most importantly, for the first time measured and evaluated. As the driving force and initiator behind ÖNORM A 7700, SEC Consult is setting new standards in the definition of security requirements for web applications and helps make Austria a leader in this segment.